BT Cloud Phone Voip – office on your mobile

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Work the way you want and where you want. Everything happens fast in business – so it pays to be flexible and keep a tight grip on your budget.

BT Cloud offers a range of cloud-based phone systems that help your business and teams do can do more, whilst saving money.

Need a common telephone line split between a few desks? Or does your business operate in several office locations? Or have remote employees here, there, and everywhere?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system provides you with everything a traditional phone system does but it’s hosted in the cloud and offers awesome perks to any operating business.

Mobiles, laptops, and PC all connect seamlessly with your cloud-based system – so you can get them to ring at the same time when you’re in-between places.

Installation is easy and maintaining & growing your system is done through automatic updates.

When you’re connected in the cloud calls to others within the business a FREE.

Adding users is simple and you only pay for what you need. If you want to keep your current phone numbers – VoIP makes it possible.

BT Cloud systems are managed safely and securely with access to an online portal where you can do some smart stuff. Making sure calls reach the right people, in the necessary department at the right time. So, there’s really no excuse for missing that important call again!

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