EE Unlimited 5G Data Sims for Remote Working

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The ultimate EE mobile package and plans for small business connectivity.
Has your business smoothly transitioned into remote working yet? If so, here’s how we can make it better…

Explore a range of 5G ready handset and SIM Only business plans to access the fasts speeds possible on the UK’s biggest mobile network.

The numbers of people working from home have accelerated hugely as a result of the pandemic and businesses have a responsibility of keeping an eye on teams working remotely. Managing a work-life balance is now more important than ever before.

Businesses need an over-the-air solution to provide their remote workers with the right tools to keep operations moving forward. Choose the data allowance that’s right for your business and enjoy the full power of EE 4G and 5G.

EE data SIM can replace the need for broadband or just help to deal with slow internet. So you and your team can access faster speeds & reliable connectivity – anytime anywhere.

Making the most from the best tech available on the market means providing business customers with a wider advantage of perks. EE’s new business plans provide Smart benefits including Apple Music, BT Sports Unlimited, Amazon Prime Video, and BritBox so customers can enjoy a range of downtime options.

That’s why offering 5G ready and tech-specific plans will empower customers to keep on top of their workloads and stay entertained during downtime, whether that’s in the home or on the move.

Never get caught short on mobile data… EE business customers have access to uncapped data speeds as part of their data allowance.

To ensure businesses have complete peace of mind, EE introduces Reserve Data which will automatically start once a customer’s high-speed data allowance runs out. Reserve Data is fast enough for users to continue to access all the essential business and entertainment tools providing reassurance to customers that they will stay connected when they need it most.

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