BTnet & AI

Artificial Intelligence &
Deep Learning Data Centres

BTNet Connecting
AI Environments

Rapid connections as needed

Deep Learning & AI has an increasing relevance and growth in many industry sectors, as the technology advances and offers ever faster time to results and greater depth of insight from data.

Our hardware partner is a leading supplier within this market and helps customers along their AI journey. The Scan AI Ecosystem includes NVIDIA appliances, bespoke solutions, both onsite and in the cloud.

Scancom is the BTNet connectivity partner. In conjunction with BT we provide the circuits that connect all these AI platforms and Data centres.

BTnet for AI Networks

Dedicated BTNet specialists appointed for your deployment

New or upgrade customers

Increase in speed & bandwidth over the air 

Zero downtime


  • Speeds of up to 10Gbps.
  • Market Leading SLA & 100% Target Availability.
  • BT is a European tier 1 provider.
  • Connect to US & global tier 1 networks
  • In major public Internet Exchange Points (IXP) across the world.


  • Upgrade in a few hours
  • More Speed more Bandwidth
  • Little or No Incremental Cost 
  • Complete within a few days
  • Zero Downtime


  •  VIP Support from Start to Finish
  • 24/7 Help desk
  • Ability to Flex speeds
  • Contract Realignments
  • Ultimate Connection


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