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BT Wide Area Networks (WAN) are used when your business needs to connect two or more sites together so they can work as one. This is an IP-based network and helps internal communications structure towards a modern network in just about every aspect.

  • Managed 24/7
  • Access Hosted Cloud
  • 2Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Certified Security
  • Multi VPN
  • 99.9% Uptime



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Network management every two minutes


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Guide to Wide Area Networks (WAN)

When you want to connect two or more sites together so they work as one, you’ll need a Wide Area Network…

What is a WAN?

A WAN is an IP-based network that extends over two or more sites. It can include everything from your internal communications structure: your computer systems, your internet and intranet, and voice. In fact, just about every aspect of a modern communications network makes up part of a WAN.

P2P networks, connectivity, or links (through the WAN) for connecting local sites

A P2P network connects sites within a radius of 45km. It provides a WAN communications path from your premises, through a carrier network such as a managed network service, to a remote network at your satellite sites. P2P lines are also known as leased lines.

With a P2P line, you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. This makes it faster and more consistent than a standard broadband or fibre connection. It also gives you a greater degree of security and resilience. With a P2P service you also get:

• Direct fibre connections – giving you direct connectivity between your head office and local satellite offices, data centres, or warehouses

• Lowest possible latency – data is delivered from one point to another quickly, and responses to user queries are almost instant

• Choice of bandwidths – from 10Mbps-1.6Tbps

Ethernet VPN WANs for networks over longer distances

If your ‘satellite’ offices are dotted across the country or abroad, then you’re going to need something with more reach, which is where Ethernet VPN WANs come in.

An Ethernet VPN WAN allows you to develop interconnected hubs across much greater distances, effectively shrinking the distance between your operations so they can operate as one.

With a latency target of less than 10 milliseconds, commands are effectively real-time. This is ideal for businesses where a split-second time lag can be critical, like financial trading. Low latency is also essential for high-quality video-conferencing. You can choose the amount of bandwidth you need, from 200Kbps to 1Gbps.

It’s also future-proof – once you have the system in place it’s easy to upgrade as your business grows, adding users to the network without impacting the performance of the rest of the system.