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EE eSIM - Unlimited Data Pre-Paid Exp 08/05/2024

Save £110.00
EESKU: 3667224203

Size: Unlimited
Expiry Date: Exp 08/05/2024
Specification: Data Sim / Pre-Paid

Sale price£69.99 GBP Regular price£179.99 GBP

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EE Unlimited Data until 08/05/2024! 

(Please note this is not a physical sim this is an eSim., you will receive a QR code via email)

EE Pre-Paid Data eSim is the perfect pre-paid solution for anyone looking to stay connected with unlimited data. This easy-to-use eSIM card provides a secure connection and comes with EE's best-value Unlimited Data plan which gives you access to unlimited data until 08/05/2024. Enjoy all your favourite streaming services, games and apps without worrying about running out of data or overspending on your monthly bill. With EE Data Armour eSim, you can be sure that your connection is safe and reliable while also enjoying unbeatable value! 

  • eSIM compatibility
  • Uninterrupted 4G 5G connectivity
  • Unlimited monthly data allowance with no additional cost for excess usage
  • Exp 08/05/2024
  • Peace of mind against added costs and charges
  • UK Data
  • Can be used as a Secondary Sim in your device with your current Primary Sim

Please note: this SIM is not for resale. It is for the consumption of the business user


  • Porting is not possible onto our pre-paid sims

Do you have a mobile take can take an eSim?

Whatever network your primary line is with consider running EE superfast 5G / 4G data as the main data network on your device 

Your main sim stays as it is for calls and texts in the UK

The eSim provides all the UK data on the EE network. Everything other than where the data comes from on your device stays the same, but you will benefit from Superfast EE Data.

  • Data: Unlimited (fair use policy applies)
  • Calls: None
  • Texts: None
  • Roaming: UK Only
  • Browsing content restrictions: No restrictions
  • Add this EE esim to your compatible mobile phone and get unprecedented speed and coverage of EE Data in the UK. This eSim is both 4G and 5G. Set your phone to use EE data all the time or at times when your existing network has no coverage
  • Shipping: Free over the air :)  - we send you a QR Code 

    How to Setup?

    Scan the EE QR code and follow the onscreen steps.

    Can it be used as a secondary eSim? Yes! - see below.

    Once you have installed the EE eSim by scanning the QR code, please follow the steps below.

    1. Head over to your Settings App and select 'Mobile Data'.

    2. Select 'Mobile Data' again.

    3. Select EE eSim (This is now your primary data source on this device).

    You can also see in image 2 below both of the Sim Cards on this device, in this case, there is a current Vodafone Sim (Default Voice Line) and the newly installed EE eSim.

    You can even turn on 'Allow Mobile Data Switching' this will allow your device to switch between networks depending on coverage and availability.

    Q: Are you able to gift data?
    A: No

    Q: What happens on the 08.05.2024?
    A: We will be in contact a couple of months earlier and offer an upgrade path. Otherwise, the sim will simply expire on the 21.05.2024

    Q: Can I use it in a tablet?
    A: Yes as long as the tablet accepts an eSim - no problem

    Q: Will it work out of the UK?
    A: No

    Q: Is there a fair use policy?
    A: Yes 600GB per month

    Learn more about Preloaded Data

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