O2 Sims EE Sims with Location Tracking

Some our Scancom O2 and EE sims offer location tracking at using Triangulation with networks world wide

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Introducing the new Pay Monthly Data SIMs with the ability to triangulate location anywhere in the world to street level! With this new technology, you can now pinpoint the exact location of users. Get yours today and start exploring the world with pinpoint accuracy! #DataSims #PayMonthly #TriangulateLocation #StreetLevel

Location triangulation using cellular networks is a way to determine the location of a device, such as a mobile phone or a GPS tracker, by using information from multiple cell phone towers.

When a device is turned on and connected to a cellular network, it communicates with nearby cell phone towers to establish a connection. Each tower has a unique identification code and a known location. By measuring the strength of the signal between the device and each tower, the network can determine the device's approximate location.

To triangulate the device's location, the network uses the signal strength measurements from at least three different towers. By analyzing the differences in signal strength between the towers, the network can calculate the device's position relative to the towers.

While location triangulation using cellular networks can provide a reasonably accurate estimate of a device's location