BTnet Superfast Leased Line Business Broadband up to 10Gbps & SHDS


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BTNet Leased Line Internet

  • Select all your options and submit your 'order', there is NO obligation at all.
  • New Installs: The process will begin with BT undertaking a physical or desktop site survey.
  • Upgrades: BT will undertake the upgrade over the air where possible. Meaning nothing else for the user to do. In all upgrade cases, the account, invoicing and all other aspects remain the same.

Getting Connected

  1. BT & Scancom will send you speed options
  2. Simply choose & sign the agreement
  3. Any existing contract you have will be replaced
  4. Enjoy uncontested internet speeds

    Get your own private leased line and never have to compete for bandwidth again.

    If you want a dedicated internet access service beyond business broadband, with guaranteed upload and download speeds, take a look at a BTnet Leased Line. It’s like having your very own pipe, capable of carrying enormous amounts of data. As you don’t share the bandwidth, you get complete control over it: flex your bandwidth in line with seasonal demands and only pay for what you need.

    Term: 60 Months

    Upgrade with us & we will reset
    your existing BT net contract at no cost.

    What happens now:

    • Scancom's BT net account manager will check the address and send you an eContract from BT.
    • Nothing to pay now
    • Read, and if all is ok eSign the BTnet contract
    • The process will begin with BT undertaking a physical or desktop site survey
    • If there are any price variations or issues BT will let you know 
    • Subject to the above being OK your order will be processed

    New BTnet customers:

    Get a quote now for a BTnet New Lease Line and the option of a back-up circuit.

    Existing BTnet customer upgrade options:

    1. Speed Upgrade
    2. Speed Upgrade + Enhanced Back-up (EAD Technology back-up) 
    3. Add Enhanced back-up (EAD Technology) to existing BTnet
    4. Make existing back-up Faster (upgrade FTTC to EAD)
    *All backup options use the same IP range as the main circuit.

    With symmetric speed choices ranging from 2Mbps to 30Mbps (Ethernet First Mile - EFM), 35Mbps (Generic Ethernet Access – GEA), and 10Gbps (Ethernet fibre), plus resilience options, a leased line is ideal for businesses where internet access is critical. And ultra-low latency makes it the natural choice for financial trading applications and top-quality video conferencing.


    Speed & Reliability = Your Ambition
    When you need the internet to do business & have big dreams that hinge on it, nothing less than 100% reliability & scorching speeds will do. As the UK’s number one leased line (as ranked by Netcraft), BTnet offers all that & more to take your business further.

    Ultimate Resilience + 2nd Circuit
    We expect to keep you online, all the time. But sometimes things are out of our control, like floods, fires & roadworks, which can put a spanner in the works. You can protect your connection with a 2nd circuit & one of our resilience options: Backup, Failover or Load Balancing.

    High Performance & Low Latency
    BT is a European Tier 1 provider with connections to US & Global Tier 1 networks. This ensures low latency & high bandwidth that help support fast & reliable usage. Many of the leading Cloud providers with high demand such as AWS, MS & Google, even use direct private peering.

    Unrivalled UK Coverage
    We continue to invest in fibre infrastructure across the UK. The rollout of FTTP is accelerating and our BT net services now support dedicated bandwidth up to 10Gb, ensuring you have the best connection possible.


    Direct Private Peering

    Upto 10Gbps

    BTnet leased line internet services have direct private peering relationships with many Cloud service providers including Microsoft (including Office 365) and Amazon (AWS), which means that cloud application traffic can be handled directly with the cloud provider. This helps provide high capacity, no contention, high availability and low latency connections to key Cloud applications. We also have direct support for when you do run into something.

    This is a direct connection within our core network, so that traffic does not need to pass over the public internet. We use multiple 100G connections typically & capacity is managed to ensure low utilisation.

    Some of our Direct Private Peering Partners:

    Learn more about Direct Private Peering

    SHDS & WAN









    Expand your network

    BT Wide Area Networks (WAN) are used when your business needs to connect two or more sites together so they can work as one. This is an IP-based network and helps internal communications structure towards a modern network in just about every aspect.

    P2P networks, connectivity, or links (through the WAN) for connecting local sites

    A P2P network connects sites within a radius of 45km. It provides a WAN communications path from your premises, through a carrier network such as a managed network service, to a remote network at your satellite sites. P2P lines are also known as leased lines.

    With a P2P line, you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. This makes it faster and more consistent than a standard broadband or fibre connection. It also gives you a greater degree of security and resilience.

    With a P2P service you also get:

    • Direct fibre connections – giving you direct connectivity between your head office and local satellite offices, data centres, or warehouses

    • Lowest possible latency – data is delivered from one point to another quickly, and responses to user queries are almost instant

    • Choice of bandwidths – from 10Mbps-1.6Tbps

    Learn more about SHDS & WAN


    BTnet for Ai 

    Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Data Centres

    Deep Learning & AI has an increasing relevance and growth in many industry sectors, as the technology advances and offers ever faster time to results and greater depth of insight from data.

    Our hardware partner is a leading supplier within this market and helps customers along their AI journey. The Scan AI Ecosystem includes NVIDIA appliances, bespoke solutions, both onsite and in the cloud.

    Scancom is the BTNet connectivity partner. In conjunction with BT we provide the circuits that connect all these AI platforms and Data centres.


    Authorised partner of BT & EE

    Btnet Leased Line FAQ

    Unlike broadband, which works on a shared platform, a leased line gives you a single line all to yourself. That means there are no busy periods or dips in data service to worry about. It’s consistent, reliable connectivity for your business. All day, every day.

    We’ll need your order details and postcode, and an overview of what you’ll be using your connection for. Complete the no obligation order above or get in touch with our team to get your quote and get started with your dedicated private line.

    BTnet is optimised for voice traffic, including Cloud Voice and SIP services from BT. With an ultra-low latency network, there’s no delay when it comes to voice traffic, and we use Quality of Service prioritisation to offer business-grade calls with no delays or dropouts.

    Enjoy a reliable, fast and consistent connection on your cloud applications including Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon when you use a BTnet Leased Line. We use Direct Private Peering, so traffic doesn’t pass over the public internet, and our low latency network minimises lag for unrivalled performance.

    Our dedicated internet lines are tailored to suit your business’ needs, with different packages according to your requirements. Choose from BTnet Express, perfect for smaller businesses, starting from £195 a month, or BTnet with matching upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps.

    When you have a broadband connection, you share your bandwidth with others. That means if the business next door is going through a busy spell, you might end up experiencing delays on your network. A business leased line, on the other hand, is a dedicated line just for you. That means you don’t need to share it with anyone else, so there’s no risk of lags when you’re on that all-important video call

    When you have team members working from different locations, a connection you can rely on is more important than ever. From a higher volume of video calls than ever before, to cloud-based applications that need a solid line, the way we work has changed in the new hybrid world. If your broadband is struggling to cope with demand, then you need an internet connection that can keep up the pace.

    Things you need to know

    Submit a NO COMMITMENT Order above and our BT account manager will be in touch. BT will undertake the upgrade over the air where possible. Meaning nothing else for the user to do. In all upgrade cases, the account , invoicing and all other aspects remain the same.

    New BTnet EAD customers only. Price quoted only available on a 5-year term contract and  applies to new circuits only. Price subject to survey and location. This price does not include in-life modifications, upgrades, or moves on existing services.

    All prices exclude 20% VAT. All connections are subject to survey. Subject to credit check, business registration and a 5-year minimum term. Terms and Conditions apply.

    You can find our standard Terms and Conditions at For full Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), visit the BTnet Leased Line heading at under the Broadband and Internet dropdown.

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