Talking about
a fresh start?

A lifeline just for you
Dedicated Sim for victims of abuse

Discreet & Confidential

In complex circumstances, connectivity can make a real difference. A no commitment mobile contract that allows victims to access WhatsApp, message & browse in a secure way and communicate safely. 

Organisations can control the ability to re-assign the Sim card over the air. This means this sim can never fall into the wrong hands.

EE's connectivity allows Calls, texts & data all in one pre-paid no contract no hassle package with total discretion.

Can only be purchased by the refuge centre or organisation not for resale.

What's included?

Everything you need
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Text
 (UK mobile only)
Unlimited Whatsapp
(Messaging, Calls, Video)
Unlimited Calls
(UK standard & National Landlines + UK Mobiles)
 Unlimited Browsing

Organisations / Refuge Centres

For centres that offer support to women by providing them with the fundamental resources to tackle their everyday challenges. Centres can allocate the Sim cards with flexibility and can Sim swap accordingly based on long or short term requirements.


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