IPv4, IPv6 Issues

Streaming Services (i.e. Netflix, Youtube, Amazon etc), TV’s, CCTV Systems issues?

There is an issue with these services and the EE Sim when IPv6 addresses are being used. The solution is to change the router settings so it only issues IPv4 addresses. Whilst it is not possible to list how this is achieved on every single router, we have listed how to do this for the popular brand of router being used at present:

Set-up an APN profile on TP-link router?

This is best done on a computer connected to the router.

Setting up an APN profile on your TP-Link router to access the internet when using a data sim.

Issue with sim not working in router:

Fine in mobile device, but not working in router?

If a sim works in a mobile phone but not in a router, it could be due to an older technology used in the router's construction. Here are some steps to try and resolve the issue:

Things to consider when buying a cellular router in the UK:

Select your router by checking compatiblity and features

When buying a cellular router in the UK, it's important to consider the following: