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The Scancom billing portal is a secure, GDPR compliant portal where you can manage all your billing. Accessible 24/7, with multiple use account included. Scancom customers may manage their user accounts, access permissions, and can securely reset their own passwords. 

*certain features are limited to networks

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Built for Vodafone
Vodafone customers will have access to the full range of services with this portal.
Already on Vodafone? Come to Scancom and get the benefits of this portal.

Billing Portal Vodafone and O2
Billing Portal Vodafone and O2
Billing Portal Vodafone and O2
Billing Portal Vodafone and O2
Billing Portal Vodafone and O2
Billing Portal Vodafone and O2

Billing Portal Vodafone and O2


£5.00 per month

Take control of your billing and data usage with Billing Portal Vodafone and O2! Easily manage your account, swap SIM cards, and track your data usage. Plus, our low monthly fee makes it affordable for everyone. Say hello to a stress-free billing experience!

These are for the O2 and Vodafone SIMS connected via Scancom


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The “Unbilled” dashboard shows the current months usage, with call and spend data refreshed at least daily.

Each “tile” in the Unbilled dash can be clicked to display a further breakdown of that area. In this particular example we can see a chart of spend by user on event charges (SMS/MMS messages). These charts themselves support further drill down for more granular information. 

“Drilling in” to an individual Service from the Unbilled dashboard lets users see the current usage specific to that Service/User. Latest bundle consumption is shown at the top, with any out-of-bundle or over-bundle spend below. Again, each tile allows users to click-through to see details on that spend area. View All Calls lists each individual phone call, with an array of searching and filtering options. There’s also a tagging feature to tag calls for expensing or internal re-charging purposes. 

Alerts can be set against Services for Bundle Consumption, Spend and Duration. An easy to use wizard lets you set an “early warning” and “second warning” notifications.


The Invoices section shows your invoicing history. Here you can view the invoice summary, download an invoice PDF, and get further on-screen details of spend by Service, Bundle Usage, and Fixed Charges. 

Clicking on a button in the Invoices screen reveals the further information for that area. In this example we can see the 'Bundle Usage' for each Service/user. 


Further analytics are available from the Reports section. A library of useful reports has been included for commonly requested information.

The reports produced are interactive, filterable, and support various download and export options.

Self Service

Within the Self-Service menu, users can control aspects of their account such as updating invoice address, and performing changes to Services like updating Usernames and SIM Swaps for mobile services. 

All self-service function include an easy to navigate wizard for updating details.