Enhance the Reliability of your BTnet Service

BTnet Backup Circuits

BTnet, unlike others, has a DIRECT LINK to the Microsoft and other servers. Best in class for Office 365 users.

The cost-effective backup options provides all the benefits of a second circuit with a modest change to the current rentals.

Circuit Protection

Resilient Connections

Existing BTnet customers without back up
Add resilience with a FTTP or EAD back up circuit

Existing BTnet customers with a back up on FTTC
This will only provide 18MB max
For an minimal incremental cost move to FTTP or EAD

FTTP & EAD Back Up
1. FTTP will use the SAME pop as the existing service
2. EAD you have a choice of the BT POP it will link to
In both cases in the event of a failover, the SAME IP range kicks in, so internet service will not be affected.

EAD or FTTP backup

Stay online with a 2nd circuit

A Durable, Cost Effective & Resilient Solution

With BTnet, you enjoy dedicated internet speeds up to 10Gbps with no delays - on a circuit all of your own. Of course, sometimes it’s out of our control and circuits break. That’s why many customers choose to protect their connection with a second circuit. Stay online through floods, fires & destructive roadworks with the 3 options below.


If the main circuit connecting your office fails, a second one switches on. You keep connected. And can even continue to take calls over your voice service. Your second circuit doesn’t need to be identical to your first. So you can keep costs down by taking a backup with a smaller bandwidth.


A failover circuit has the same bandwidth as your main circuit and switches on if your main circuit fails. Your employees and customers won’t notice any difference if your first circuit fails. And you can continue sending files and making voice calls over your BTnet connection.


If you want both circuits switched on all the time, you can load balance traffic. This is when you configure your websites and internal systems to send different users along one circuit or the other. If one circuit breaks, the other carries the traffic. You’ll need to do some configuration to get load balancing right.

Choose the type of 2nd circuit you want based on these features: 

Ensure you stay connected

The type of protection you need depends on your requirements

Direct Private Peering


BTnet leased line internet services have direct private peering relationships with many Cloud service providers including Microsoft (including Office 365) and Amazon (AWS), which means that cloud application traffic can be handled directly with the cloud provider. This helps provide high capacity, no contention, high availability and low latency connections to key Cloud applications. We also have direct support for when you do run into something.

This is a direct connection within our core network, so that traffic does not need to pass over public internet. We use multiple 100G connections typically & capacity is managed to ensure low utilisation.

BTnet does not send microsoft data to the internet, BT has a direct link to the Microsoft data centre(s)This is direct peering to Microsoft.  If your business is using Office 365 then it makes total sense to use BTnet for your fixed internet

Some of our Direct Private Peering Partners:

For many of the leading cloud service providers where there's high demand we use direct private peering. This is a direct connection within our core network, so traffic doesn't have to pass over the public internet.We use multiple 100G connections for this to happen. And capacity is managed to ensure low utilisation.

So we can give customers:

Low latency


High Capacity

High Availability

Direct Support


6 Ways to Strengthen Your Connection


We’ll set you up two devices to use with your circuits, and two places to plug them into Network Terminating Equipment. So you have a backup if something’s accidentally unplugged.


Depending on the ducts and cables around your office, we’ll bring two circuits into the building using different routes. We’d be happy to survey these for you to identify any additional costs.


Ordering a second circuit that’s copper, rather than fibre, protects against electrical failures. A handy option if you can’t use diverse routing.


It’s rare for the equipment and routers in our exchange buildings to go down. But if we’re visited by flood or fire, you want to be connected by circuits that start in different exchanges.


If your business stretches across a couple of offices that share a Local Area Network, we can take circuits into different buildings. Keeping both sites online if a circuit goes down.


We can even add to the resilience of your internet connection in our core network. Keeping the circuits as separate as possible in the backbone network that ties together exchange buildings.


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