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Connect direct or take the longer road like the others?

As your business grows, the demands on your internet connection grow too. BTnet is our leased line internet access service, offering dedicated and reliable service, incredible speeds of up to 10Gbps; and all backed by a market leading SLA including 100% target availability.

With the massive growth in business internet usage and in particular the use of Cloud applications, it is important to have an internet service that can support your needs and offer you excellent performance. A big part of that comes down to our internet backbone and our peering arrangements.


BTnet leased line internet services have direct private peering relationships with many Cloud service providers including Microsoft (Office 365) and Amazon (AWS), which means that cloud application traffic can be handled directly with the cloud provider. This helps provide high capacity, no contention, high availability and low latency connections to key Cloud applications. We also have direct support for when you do run into something.

This is a direct connection within our core network, so that traffic does not need to pass over public internet. We use multiple 100G connections typically & capacity is managed to ensure low utilisation.

Some of our Direct Private Peering Partners:



Low Latency

One of the key factors in determining how an application will perform. Direct connectivity to internet exchanges and minimising the number of network hops between a user and the application server improves the overall latency and its predictability.

No Contention

Direct private peering is just that; direct. It means we can avoid shared bandwidth and traffic between our customers and the Cloud service providers offering more reliable and consistent performance.

Direct Support

We have a direct relationship with the Cloud service provider without 3rd party network providers in the middle, allowing us to better control our peering links, manage traffic and resolve any issues that may arise.

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