Machine Learning

for Smart Environments

Secure communication & interactions between sensors. Scancom airtime connects remote devices to machine learning servers and transmits rapid 5G data.

Discover endless potential in making devices and even entire industries smarter with M2M SIMs.

As systems become more intelligent, smart cities, houses and workplaces will eventually operate with minimal human intervention. Wireless IoT technology brings more coverage, capabilities and a broader application across every industry sector. 

What’s the difference between M2M SIMs & Standard SIMs?

M2M SIMs operate using the same wireless cellular network as standard phone SIMs, but have more benefits for many industrial and commercial IoT applications.

The Differences:

More Durable

They can survive for years in harsh temperatures, pressures & environments.

Remotely Manageable

They can be activated, controlled and monitored in bulk depending on the IoT management platform used.

 Option for Fixed IP

This means they can be accessed more reliably and securely, regardless of location.

Increase Data Cap

 Every SIM added supports data plan aggregations and helps keep IoT connectivity affordable and cost-effective.

Machine Learning Sims

with Scancom

Future Proof Connectivity

We’re leading the way with Full Fibre to give you a noticeably faster connection – even at peak times. If you can’t get ultrafast Full Fibre, you can still go superfast with our Fibre broadband.


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