Public WiFi Sucks

Protect yourself from the risks & dangers of public WiFi. Do you really want to use and share an unsecure WiFi network that others are on? Is it worth the risk?

Secure. Protected.

Avoid letting yourself get complacent. Avoid public WiFi security risks.

Many business people and students use locations such as coffee shops and hotels like a second office. ‘What’s your WiFi password?’ is one of the most common questions that will be asked. Unfortunately, the majority of public Wifi users don’t realise the threats they face.

Scancom customers choose to work on their own private internet connection for travel connectivity, personal browsing and remote or temporary offices. A safe and private internet connection for working professionals. 


Avoid Public WiFi

Public Wi-Fi networks can be convenient, but they also come with serious security risks. Here are some reasons why you should be cautious when using public Wi-Fi:



Public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, making it easier for hackers to intercept your data and gain unauthorized access to your devices.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Hackers can position themselves between you and the Wi-Fi network, allowing them to eavesdrop on your online activities and steal sensitive information.

Malware Distribution

Cybercriminals can use public Wi-Fi networks to distribute malware, which can infect your device and compromise your privacy.

Unencrypted Connections

Public Wi-Fi networks often lack encryption, making it easier for attackers to intercept your data.

Fake Networks

Hackers can set up fake Wi-Fi networks with names similar to legitimate ones, tricking users into connecting to them and exposing their data.

Data Interception

Attackers can capture your login credentials, credit card information, and other personal data by intercepting the traffic between your device and the network.

Private Connection with Scancom

Stay Secured

Many customers and workers are unaware of the risks of using unsecure public internet. Cyber attacks on businesses are the most common issues. Business travellers who are on the go and may connect to public Wifi throughout the day to check emails or download files are at risk of theft of personal information. Login credentials , financial or personal data can all be stolen from unsecure public internet usage.



Ensure you have the speed you need, don't rely on the strength of the coffee shop wifi and filling forms out to get online!


Protect your passwords & other personal data from the risk of theft when browsing via a public connection.


Never ask for the wifi password again, you'll always have a strong and secure connection, wherever you are.


Avoid, pop ups, phishing emails & other methods of criminals gaining access to your confidential information.


50% of people receive a phishing email at least once a day. 97% people cannot identify one when they receive it!


53% of businesses have some form of security awareness, meaning just under half have no training at all.

Public Internet Transparency

Do you read the WiFi T&C’s before connecting to the public internet? You never know what the WiFi provider might track.

Desirable for hackers is the ability to position themselves between you and the connection point. Hackers can use unsecured WiFi connections to distribute malware. These things have simply become a fact of life in our interconnected age. That’s why keeping a robust internet security solution installed and running on your machine is imperative.



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