Smart Water Meters

Keep your smart water meter networks connected.
Receive live data on flow, pressure and temperature.

Reduce water wastage

Smart Detection

Reduce water wastage with smart meters powered by IoT Data SIMs from Scancom.

Water companies spend millions of pounds every year to repair leaks or replace old pipes, yet still, a large percentage of water that runs through underground pipes is lost to leakage. In fact more than three billion litres of water leaks from the UK's pipe network each day.

Waste Water Management Services

Steps in making the world a better, safer and more sustainable place.

As an existing partner we work with AQUAM to ensure that water utility providers minimise water wastage and their Carbon footprint.

In 2022, utility industry standards are rising and more water companies are seriously aiming to lower leakage by optimising their existing network of pipelines with technology and IoT connectivity. Advanced water systems can detect chemicals for removal and prevent water pollution with new treatment solutions.

The use of network technology can lower costs, support environmental strategies and help tackle major concerns over water wastage by predicting potential threats. Sensors on the pipework combined with Data SIM connectivity allows for underground devices to transmit information automatically to teams to evaluate the situation further. The transmitted information can be monitored centrally and directly added to billing systems then subsequently engineers can be deployed fast when needed.

Narrow Bandwidth IoT

A Cost Effective, Scalable  & Sustainable Solution

Low power & wide area network technology, designed for efficient communication in low powered areas. Scancom works with your company’s existing infrastructure to deliver future-proof solutions. The use of the network’s technology to lower costs and help tackle major concerns over water wastage in the following ways.


Real-time detection

Providing the fast connectivity that is needed to detect leaks in real-time.

Reduced Costs

Reducing a company’s total costs and improving efficiency.

Auto - Alerts

Automatic alerts to trigger fast responses from the device and/or the SIM

full compliance

Adhering to regulation standards and targets in order to reduce the amount of leakage per year


SIMs are weather resistant and can operate in underground conditions


A low data consuming solution that keeps costs to a minimum.

Future-proof Capability

Operating on a licensed spectrum and reliable with industry standards. Easily integrates into a cellular system with fast deployment. 

Ideal for Commercial Metering

NB-IoT supports longer battery life and reduces costs for devices with low data demand. SIMs are fuelled by low power and can even fall back on 2G networks where required.

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