General principle:
The transfer from Three consumers to a business account must happen in line with the “Business Rules” document. The current rule states that the consumer customer must either be out of contract or willing to pay the Early Termination Fee to be transferred to a business account.


1 Scancom to process a new business connection for the customer as a new business account or additional line to an existing business account.   

2 Customer with the consumer account needs to ring Three Care Team (337 from their Three Business phone or 0800 033 8033 from either a landline or non- Three phones) and request the transfer of their consumer account to the business account. Scancom Scancom cannot do it on their behalf.

3 Care Team processes the change, closing the consumer account and moving the old consumer mobile number (MSISDN) to the SIM set up by the partner in step 1, overwriting the temporary number

Note: If a customer fails to call Three Care Team, both accounts (old consumer and new business) will be active and chargeable


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