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EE Unlimited Data Per Month - Enhanced Tech Data Sim - 30 days data sim.

EESKU: 4264917167

Size: Unlimited
Expiry Date: 30 Days

Sale price£37.50 GBP

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Unlimited Data, Enhanced Technology - works for 30 days 

This EE Unlimited Data Per Month Guaranteed - Enhanced Technology Data Sim is perfect for those who need a reliable and fast data connection. It ensures you get the most out of your internet experience. 

  • Unlimited monthly data usage
  • Enhanced and reliable technology
  • 30 days data sim 
  • Free additional SIM cards for easy swapping
  • Opportunity to save money on expensive cellular plans

Experience data like never before with the EE Enhanced Technology Data Sim - pre-paid to last you 30. Enjoy guaranteed superfast EE 5G data each month with no extra charges and the option to bar or unbar adult content. 

Delivery: Free Next Business Day Delivery

Data: Unlimited per month, subject to fair use (see below)

EE Fair Use Policy EE terms state re data usage:

We may consider usage above 600GB/month to be excessive and have the right to apply traffic management controls to deprioritise your mobile traffic during busy periods or move you to a more suitable plan 

Other Lock Down Features
Calls: None  / Texts: None  / Roaming: None / Spend Cap: £Zero 


  • Porting is not possible onto our pre-paid sims

What happens after 30 days 
The sim will become inactive. 


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