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EE 3GB/Month Data Sim Preloaded Exp 29/03/2024 UK Data

EESKU: 4771498260

Size: 3GB
Expiry Date: 18/10/2024
Specification: Data Sim / Pre-Paid

Sale price£39.99 GBP

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3GB/Month UK data Exp 18/10/2024

Only 5 Months Left!

Introducing the EE 3GB/Month Data Sim!

Enjoy 3GB/Month of UK data and keep in control with a preloaded expiry date of 18/10/2024. Stay connected worry-free and with no additional costs. Seamlessly browse, shop, stream, and stay in touch.


  • Inclusive Data - 3GB every month
  • Inclusive Standard Minutes & SMS - Nil
  • Roaming - No 
  • Commitment - Non
  • How long does the data last? - 3GB per month until 18.10.2024
  • When does the rate refresh: 3rd - 4th of every month


  • Where does the data work? UK
  • Is there a spending cap - Yes its £Zero
  • Will I get any charges - None other than the purchase price
  • If I lose the sim can I get a spare sim - No
  • Porting? Porting is not possible onto our pre-paid sims

Customer Support

  • email
  • WhatsApp 07958252999

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