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Three Large Business Unlimited SIMS from £5.00 per month 100 pack

ThreeSKU: 5846091583-100

Allowance: Unlimited Data only
Number of SIMs: 100
Expiry: 24 Months

Sale price£0.50 GBP

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Five-star 5G coverage, plus generous roaming options. 24 months of reliable connection. Enjoy business-grade Internet without limits or worry. What are you waiting for? Get connected today!

  • Unlimited calls, texts and data - effective rental £5.50 per sim 
    (Three bill £7.50 pm / Scancom rebate £2.00 x 24 months)
  • Unlimited data only - effective rental £5.00 per sim 
    (Three bill £7.00 pm / Scancom rebate £2.00 x 24 months)

Registered UK Business Users Only

UK Data: Unlimited (1000GB Fair Use)

UK Calls & SMS: None or Unlimited

Available for 
UK Business Users - Ltd Companies / Sole Traders / Partnerships

Credit check and contract?
Yes, there is. 

This is a monthly bill from Three from £4.50 per month ex VAT depending on what monthly data size you select.

Delivery: Free next-day DPD delivery

Speed: 5G as standard
(International Telecoms Union’s minimum standard for full 5G services is fully met)

As Standard...

  • 5G Ready. All our SIMs get access to our 5G network – at no extra cost.
  • Data. (Acceptable usage of 1000GB per month on Unlimited plan)
  • Personal Hotspot. You can use all or any of your data allowances as a portable Wi-fi hub.
  • Free Wi-Fi on London Underground. On over 250 stations in ticket halls, walkways, and platforms.
  • Spend Caps. We can apply any caps on your monthly bill within 7 days of your request.
  • Easy, clear invoicing. All our Simply Business customers receive VAT invoices as standard.
  • Simple billing. One easily manageable bill for all employees.

Three Data Passports 
Our Data Passport can help you stay connected and save money on roaming charges when you travel. Available in 89 destinations worldwide, the Data Passport gives you the freedom of unlimited data. You can use as much as you like, all for £5 a day ex VAT
The Data Passport is perfect if you use a lot of data and want the best internet experience on your travels. Everything’s unlimited, so you can:

stream videos 

  • stream music 
  • connect to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • It also lets you use your device as a personal hotspot.

How does a Data Passport work?
You need to be a Scancom Pay Monthly Customer on a Three Contract

Once you’ve activated your Data Passport, you can use as much data as you want, for 24 hours. So, if you activate it at 13:00, you’ll have unlimited data to use as you like until 12:59 the next day. 
Remember, Data Passports are only for data – roaming rates will still apply for sending texts and making calls. 
You can buy as many Data Passports as you think you’ll need in advance.
If you run out of Data Passports, you’ll be charged the standard roaming rates as per your contract.
Data Passports only work in select countries, so if you’ve got an active Data Passport and travel to a destination that isn’t valid, you’ll be charged the standard roaming rates as per your plan. But don’t worry - Three will send you a text when you arrive, so you know what the charges are. And you can always turn data roaming off to avoid extra costs.
Where to buy a Data Passport
Three will text you a link when you arrive in an eligible destination, with instructions on how to buy. You’ll just need to click the link to buy a Data Passport. Then you’re good to go. 
Alternatively, you can buy a Data Passport before you travel, by logging into your My3 account and following the steps below.

  1. Head to My3, and click Manage services.
  1. Check the Roaming tab for Data Passport.

If you’re having trouble buying a Data Passport, please make sure you’ve got enough spend limit set on your account.

    Learn more about Preloaded Data

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