The right Internet Connection for Schools and Colleges

BTnet Education

Build a Solid Foundation for Institutions, Staff & Pupils with Dedicated, Fast and Reliable Internet Access.


When you need the internet to do business & have big dreams that hinge on it, nothing less than 100% reliability & scorching speeds will do. As the UK’s number one leased line (as ranked by Netcraft), BTnet offers all that & more to take your business further.


We expect to keep you online, all the time. But sometimes things are out of our control, like floods, fires & roadworks, can put a spanner in the works. You can protect your connection with a 2nd circuit & one of our resilience options: Backup, Failover or Load Balancing.


BT is a European Tier 1 provider with connections to US & Global Tier 1 networks. This ensures low latency & high bandwidth that help support fast & reliable usage. Many of the leading Cloud providers with high demand such as AWS, MS & Google, we even use direct private peering.


We continue to invest in fibre infrastructure across the UK. The rollout of FTTP is accelerating and our BT net services now support dedicated bandwidth up to 10Gb, ensuring you have the best connection possible.

Scancom Education

Modern teaching & learning needs the most reliable internet connectivity.


BTnet. Ridiculously reliable, in every lesson.

The technology is empowering, but it can only ever be as good as your internet connectivity.

Cloud-based learning empowers a student-centric approach – moving away from traditional learning, the wealth of cloud-based apps and internet resources means teachers can use classroom management apps for better visibility of personal student progress with scope of flexibility.Keeping connected with the UK’s no.1 leased line internet service gives you access to an unrivalled network. The BT network is the largest in the UK, with the widest coverage of any end-to-end provider.

Dedicated exclusively to your
school or college alone

Never share your BTnet connection with other schools, homes or businesses. It’s yours and only yours. Offering a reliability, you can count on.

Scorching upload/download
speeds for every student

Lots of pupils online at the same time? Go for it. Whether you’re holding virtual classroom video calls, sending large files, or using several cloud app all at the same time, BTnet can handle it.

Pay for what you need,
with room to change in the future.

Catering for every individual school or college and their ideal connectivity. Select a 1Gbps or 10Gbps leased line circuit, then choose a wide range of speeds within the circuit to perfectly match your needs – with no wastage.

A service you can trust
with UK-based 24/7 support

100% target availability SLA (service Level Agreement). BTnet is always on – we’re confident it won’t let you down! But on the rare event something does go wrong, BT support aim to have you back up and running within five hours.

Value for money
& Flex your usage

With budgets tight, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting value for money and that’s exactly what you’ll get with BTnet. With the flexibility to keep it in sync with term times. Reduce during holidays to save money and increase during exam periods!

An optional second line for
extra peace of mind

Sometimes things like floods, fires or roadworks can put a spanner in the works. Avoid disruption to learning with a second circuit. It’ll automatically take over if your main leased line hits a problem.

What we Offer?

Choose Scancom & BTnet for super reliable, lightning fast internet connectivity in your school or college.

BTnet is a dedicated internet connection, so your school or college won’t share it with anyone else. That means 24/7 guaranteed bandwidth, unlimited data usage, and no restrictions.We’re committed to reliability. We’re so sure we’ve got it right that BTnet is backed by our market leading Service Level Agreement (SLA), including 100% target availability. BTnet offers nothing less than ultimate reliability. With scorching speeds.
This is a direct connection within our core network, so that traffic does not need to pass over public internet. We use multiple 100G connections typically & capacity is managed to ensure low utilisation.

Some of our Direct Peering Partners: