EE Big Data M2M Fixed-IP 500GB UK

EESKU: 6116980120-6

Size: 500GB
Expiry Date: 6 Months

Sale price£550.00 GBP

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EE Big Data M2M Fixed-IP 500GB UK

This tariff is perfect for areas where EE is the only available network or for customers that prefer EE and require a Fixed IP.

Perfect for Fixed IP SIMs include Fixed Broadband replacement, broadband backup, CCTV – remote monitoring/access, Point-of-Sale systems, digital signage, security systems, etc.

  • Network: EE
  • Data: 500GB
  • Term: 6,12 or 24 months preloaded


  • Consistent network identity. A static IP address provides a device with a constant and unchanging network identification. It helps to ensure that devices can always access services like website and email server hosting and FTP.
  • Convenient remote access. A static IP address enables a reliable connection with a particular network device for remote access applications like security cameras and remote desktop programs. Such functionality benefits companies where employees must access corporate resources from a distance to perform daily tasks.
  • Smooth server hosting and DNS management. A never-changing static IP can help ensure the continuous and reliable operation of services and reduce waiting times for the end user.
  • Geolocation stability. A static IP helps to ensure that services and websites always have the correct approximate location information based on IP.
  • Improved network reliability. A static IP doesn’t need to handle IP changes, which leads to a stable and reliable internet connection.

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