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iPad eSIM on Vodafone with Unlimited UK. Pre-Paid.

VodafoneSKU: 5208577404-1

Size: Unlimited
Term: 1 Month

Sale price£18.00 GBP

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Introducing iPhone eSiM using Vodafone - a contract-free eSIM for new or existing devices. Perfect for a second sim, this product allows the user to benefit from Vodafone as a secondary network, especially when roaming in the countries listed below.

Data Unlimited (fair use applies) in the UK
25GB per month roaming data
eSIM use  Data SIM
Network  Vodafone
Calls / SMS None
Roaming  None
Contract None 
Credit Check  None 
Pricing  One-Off for the period 
RPI Increase None for the time you have the SIM
Delivery eMail during business hours 


Why is the pricing slightly more the longer the subscription The pre-paid price is locked in and there is protection from any RPI increase
Can I port a number to this sim  No
Why would the eSIM bar

The eSIM has a £Zero spend cap for any chargeable events. This is because the eSIM is contract free and you only ever pay the one off price.

What is the fair use policy

UK Data 600GB per month

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