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No Commitment + No Contract

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O2 Enhanced Tech Unlimited Preloaded Data - You choose how long you need it

O2SKU: 5646479103-2

Size: Unlimited
Expiry Date: 2 Months
Specification: Data Sim / Pre-Paid

Sale price£53.00 GBP

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Offers the benefits of allowing/restricting certain items on a network level depending on the user profile. 

Our Enhanced Tech Data Sim is the cutting edge in data connectivity pre-packaged in a simple one-off payment model with no contract or commitments 

  • Data Allowance: Unlimited UK 4G/5G Business Grade Data (subject to 600GB fair use policy)
  • Upgrade options - we will message you 60 days beforehand and offer you a viable upgrade/renewal path.
  • Roaming - UK locked
  • Calls and texts - No
  • Other costs - None 
  • What if I lose the sim - purchase a new blank sim, and we will swap it for you
Our O2 SIMS also run on 5G Standalone (SA) network in the UK, which will deliver faster mobile broadband speeds (inc. latency) and more service flexibility.

At present most existing 5G networks in the UK are classed as Non-Standalone (NSA), which are partly reliant upon some older and slower 4G infrastructure. By comparison, SA networks are pure end-to-end 5G networks that can also deliver improvements such as ultra-low latency times (fast), greater energy efficiency, better upload speeds, network slicing capabilities, improved support for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, increased reliability and security.

The above is subject to network availability and is subject to change.

Perfect for users who want:

  • No contract
  • No commitment 
  • A one-off payment / CapX or Total expenditure confirmation 
  • No further cost issues 
  • No billing issues


  • Free Next Business Day DPD Shipping

We do offer a next business day delivery service with DPD however we cannot guarantee this because parcels can become delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fair Use Policy 
Unlimited Allowances 

Inappropriate usage would be considered as the following:

>Any usage outside the standard commercial practice
>Any usage made via automated means (also see Gateway/AIT FUP)
>Any usage that damages or impairs the hosting network
>Any usage considered fraudulent, abusive, illegal or a nuisance
>Data usage where users exceed 600GB in the month

If inappropriate usage is determined, we reserve the right to restrict services, adjust the plan or terminate the agreement based on the severity of the misuse.

Gateways/Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT)
Scan Com Distribution Ltd does not allow SIMs to be used in any equipment which enables the routing of calls or data (including, without limitation, text or picture messages) from fixed apparatus or standard devices to mobile equipment by establishing a mobile-to-mobile call or transmission. Nor does it allow the use of any equipment which enables the sending of bulk SMS, voice or data services. Scan Com Distribution Ltd reserves the right to suspend without notice should we believe such equipment is being used. During the suspension, the liability for any access charges or calls will rest with the customer

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