EE FM Unlimited Preloaded Data Per Month - You choose your expiry

EESKU: 4958122514

Size: Unlimited
Expiry Date: 08/08/2025
Rental: Pre-Paid

Sale price£210.00 GBP

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Unlimited Data - EE has you covered now and into the future! 

Enjoy guaranteed superfast EE 5G data each month with no extra charges and the option to bar or unbar adult content. Take data to the next level! 

This EE Unlimited Data Per Month Guaranteed - Enhanced Technology Data Sim is perfect for those who need a reliable and fast data connection. It ensures you get the most out of your internet experience, this sim provides an economical solution that will last until your selected expiry date. It's a great value for anyone looking for dependable service in the long term! 

  • Unlimited monthly data usage
  • Enhanced and reliable technology
  • Choose your expiry date (expires on the 8th of the selected month)
  • Opportunity to save money on expensive cellular plans

Delivery: Free Next Business Day Delivery

Data: Unlimited per month, subject to fair use (see below)

EE Fair Use Policy EE terms state re data usage:

We may consider usage above 600GB/month to be excessive and have the right to apply traffic management controls to deprioritise your mobile traffic during busy periods or move you to a more suitable plan 

Calls: None  / Texts: None  / Roaming: None / Spend Cap: £Zero 


  • Porting is not possible onto our pre-paid sims

What happens at the exp date
The sim will become inactive. Let us know if you want to carry on and "buy" further time or simply dispose of the sim  

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