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Whether you are an existing customer and want to add it to your EE contract or a new customer, Scancom will review the order and come back to you on the same day.
  • EE B2B Customer
  • Must be on EE-compatible tariff
  • Billed by EE
  • Ordering online is just a submission of interest and does not commit you to anything and is, the order is only processed after a review from Scancom.

EE Voice Recording & SMS Capture

Network-based service that enables businesses to keep an accurate record of their business calls. It helps you comply with a host of regulatory requirements and significantly reduces the chance of a fine.

1. Capture

All EE calls and text messages for a user are routed via the recording platform.

2. Store

Data is stored on AWSCloud or the customer's own platform.

3. Access

Customers can search and replay call data as required. All calls can be downloaded.

  1. Records all communications - customers can store incoming and outgoing calls, roaming calls, conference calls, voicemails, and even text messages.
  2. Works seamlessly - customers can record conversations from any mobile device, with no need for special software or manual input.
  3. Securely stored - all recordings are backed-up to the cloud, where they're encrypted and cyber-protected.
  4. Easy access - with our online portal, customers can listen back to recordings from anywhere, as well as add notes and download files.
  5. A partnership for success - we've created the system with Kerv, a leading call recording provider, to make sure we offer a service customers can trust.

But the benefits don't end there;

  • Keeps you fully compliant (e.g. GDPR, MiFID, Dodd-Frank Act)
  • Device independence - works with both basic phones and the latest smartphones
  • Always on & App free - Can't be deactivated by the end user as controlled by your organisation. Being app-free reduces support queries and mistakes from the end user
  • No call diversions - SIM-based recording at the network level
  • Normal mobile experience - no call delays, no different diallers
  • UK network grade solution - not a mobile virtual network operator


Q: Forwarding - If the mobile forwards to a land line does it still capture there recording
A: Yes,

Q: Outbound calls - If the mobile calls out and there is a voicemail will it capture the voicemail recording and the message a user leaves
A: Yes

Q: Outbound calls - If a user calls out and no one answers, will the portal where the calls are logged, record the fact the call was made irrespective of the face that there was no recording to be made
A: No, only recordings made are captured.

Q: Inbound calls - If someone calls the EE FM mobiles and leaves a message will it record the message also
A: Voicemails are captured both inbound and outbound

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