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Three 1000GB Preloaded Data Sim Per Month - Choose your expiry

ThreeSKU: 3684013720

Size: 1000GB
Expiry Date: 08/12/2024

Sale price£119.99 GBP

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  • Data: 1000GB per month
  • Expiry Date: Choose your expiry
  • Calls: None
  • Texts: None
  • Roaming: UK Only
  • Browsing content restrictions: No restrictions
  • 4G and 5G: Set your phone to use Three data all the time or at times when your existing network has no coverage


Get ready to unleash your digital world with Three's exclusive limited-edition Data Sim! With a massive 1000GB of data per month, you can enjoy endless possibilities and never have to worry about running out of data again. From streaming your favourite shows and music to video conferencing, gaming, and browsing, this Data Sim has got you covered.

Not only that, but this offer comes with no binding contracts, so you can enjoy complete data freedom without any restrictions. And with no calls or texts included, there is NO bills other than the initial cost of the sim.

Plus, with Three's reliable network and advanced security features, you can trust that your browsing experience will be smooth, safe and secure. And, with compatibility with your tablet, you can take the power of unlimited data on the go.


1000 GB (gigabytes) of data is a very large amount, and it can allow for a lot of browsing, streaming, downloading, and other online activities.

The amount of browsing that 1,000 GB of data allows for depends on several factors such as the type of browsing, the quality of the content being viewed, and the device used. Here are some general estimates of how much data common browsing activities may use:

  • Browsing websites: On average, browsing standard web pages uses about 1-2 MB (megabytes) of data per minute. This means that you could browse the web for over 30,000 hours in a month with 1,000 GB of data.

  • Streaming videos: Streaming videos in HD quality can use up to 3 GB per hour, while streaming in lower quality (such as standard definition) can use less data. This means that you could stream over 300 hours of HD videos in a month with 1,000 GB of data.

  • Video calls: Video calling uses about 1-2 GB per hour, so you could make over 500 hours of video calls in a month with 1,000 GB of data.

It's worth noting that these estimates are just general guidelines, and the actual amount of data used can vary based on many factors.

Three network technology 


Three's 5G technology in the UK is considered to be better for data SIMs for several technical reasons:

  1. Spectrum: Three owns a large amount of 5G spectrum in the 100MHz block, which is more than any other UK network. This allows Three to offer wider coverage and faster speeds, especially in areas with high network congestion.

  2. Bandwidth: Three's 5G network uses the C-band spectrum, which provides more bandwidth compared to the lower-frequency bands used by other networks. This allows Three to offer faster download and upload speeds, as well as improved network capacity.

  3. Massive MIMO: Three uses a technology called massive MIMO, which stands for multiple-input and multiple-output. This technology uses multiple antennas to transmit and receive data, which increases network capacity and improves network performance, especially in crowded areas.

  4. Cloud core network: Three's 5G network uses a cloud core network, which allows it to be more flexible and scalable than traditional networks. This means that Three can quickly respond to changes in network traffic and demand, ensuring that customers always have access to fast and reliable connectivity.

Overall, Three's 5G technology in the UK offers wider coverage, faster speeds, improved network capacity, and more flexible and scalable network architecture, making it an attractive choice for data SIM users who require high-speed and reliable connectivity.

PD next business day/amazon prime 

What happens at the expiry date
A We will be in contact a couple of months earlier and offer an upgrade path. Otherwise, the sim will expire.

Q Can I use it in a tablet
A No problem

Q Will it work out of the UK 
A No

Q Is there a fair use policy
A No

Q Can I check the monthly usage 
A No - you will need to use your device to check usage. Having said that 1000GB is a massive amount of data!

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