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Three 1000GB Data Sim Per Month Pre-Paid Exp 08/12/2024 - Limited Edition Data Sim Sale

ThreeSKU: 3684013720

Size: 1000GB
Expiry Date: 08/12/2024
Specification: Data Sim / Pre-Paid

Sale price£119.99 GBP

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The actual product may vary in design.


Please note this sim is not for resale.

  • Data: 1000GB per month refreshed on the 7th of each month

  • Calls: None

  • Texts: None

  • Roaming: UK Only

  • Browsing content restrictions: No restrictions

  • 4G and 5G: Set your phone to use Three data all the time or at times when your existing network has no coverage


  • DPD next business day

We do offer a next business day delivery service with DPD however we cannot guarantee this because parcels can become delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

 Q What happens at the end of 08/12/2024

A We will be in contact a couple of months earlier and offer an upgrade path. Otherwise, the sim will simply expire.

Q Can I use it in a tablet
A No problem

Q Will it work out of the UK
A No

Q Is there a fair use policy
A Yes

Q Can I check the monthly usage 
A No - you will need to use your device to check usage. Having said that 850GB is a massive amount of data!

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